Address Of The Rector

Dear entrants!

You have chosen a university that has been over 90 years since it was founded. Each year in June, the University staff celebrates the anniversary of being granted national status.

For many years the University has been one of the leading places among medical universities in Ukraine in various indicators. He was acquainted with his material base and training of students – twice President of Ukraine, Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada, President of NAMS of Ukraine, Ministers of Health of Ukraine, People’s Deputies from Vinnytsia region, heads of Vinnytsia regional state administration, Vinnytsia mayors, representatives of many educational institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries.

Higher quality of training at VNMU has been proven by graduates from the number of foreign citizens, who have been teaching our university for more than 50 years. Today, more than 1,400 foreign nationals from 56 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the CIS are enrolled in various forms of education. Each year, the University welcomes more than 20-25 delegations of representatives of embassies, representative offices, firms of foreign countries on scientific cooperation and organization of training of foreign citizens.

The authority of the university, the significant contribution of its staff to the development of medical education and science is evidenced by the fact that 15-20 scientific conferences, congresses, symposia are held on its basis every year. In 2010, the highlight was the Pirogov Readings, which was attended by more than 2500 delegates from 27 countries. The University staff in 2012 for development of international cooperation was awarded with the awards – “Leader of the national rating system of higher education institutions of Ukraine” and the Gold Award “Recognition of the Year – 2012”.

At the university one of the highest among Ukrainian educational institutions is the level of provision of teachers with academic degrees and titles. Almost every sixth university teacher is a doctor of sciences, a professor. The students are taught by 112 Doctors of Sciences and 524 Candidates of Sciences. It employs 6 Honored Workers of Science and Technology of Ukraine, 4 Honored Workers of the Higher School and Education of Ukraine, 2 Academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, 12 Honored Doctors of Ukraine, 6 Laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prize of Belarus.

The University is developing dynamically. Over the past 15 years, it has organized dental and pharmaceutical faculties, and started training in five new specialties. The pharmacy correspondence training was opened, the departments of internal and family medicine of the main faculties and the faculty of postgraduate education, which operates on the basis of medical establishments in Khmelnitsky. Improvement of family medicine physicians is a significant contribution of the VNMU staff to the implementation of the modern concept of health care development in Ukraine.

The University has a material, technical and educational base, centers for new information technologies, research and diagnostics; medical-psychological counseling center, educational-scientific-industrial complex – Institute of Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, educational-industrial complex – dental clinic. They are equipped with modern equipment that helps to combine the educational process and provide medical assistance to the population.

We have built a new training building that accommodates four departments and laboratories of the research center. Today, a modern library with a bookstore of 500,000 volumes is being actively built.

We carry out a program of reconstruction of student dormitories to create rooms of hotel type with improved household amenities. The university plans to open a student polyclinic and university pharmacy. All these transformations are made at the expense of the money earned by the university staff for providing educational and other services.

Computer technologies are widely implemented in the educational process and management of the university. There are 32 computer classes, 4 channels of the Internet network are used, which are free of charge for students, graduate students and teachers.

The University staff took an active part in the development of the basics of reforming higher medical education and social protection of students, teachers, high school seniors, preservation of educational bases of medical education.

There are 12 scientific schools at the University. Scientific research is conducted in three directions – it is “Maternal and child health care”; “Treatment, diagnosis and prevention of chronic diseases of the adult population” and “Development and introduction of new therapies and devices.” The organization of higher medical education is also being explored. Almost 1000 students, united by the Scientific Student Society, participate in the research. Every year, more than 40 of our students are prize winners and winners of inter-university, inter-university, all-Ukrainian subject Olympiads and student scientific conferences.

Significant contribution of university graduates to the development of medical science and higher medical education. The founder of Ukrainian anesthesiology is Professor A.I. Treschinsky, a lot for the development of neurosurgery in Ukraine, did Professor Yu.O. Zozulya, fruitful in the field of development of higher medical education academician V.M. Kozakov, professors Petro and Vitaliy Fischenko made significant progress in the development of orthopedics and traumatology.

Among our foreign graduates are Panama’s Chief of Military Hospital, Angola’s Deputy Minister of Health, Syrian Presidential Trustee, and head of a major cardiology clinic in Chicago. Many foreign graduates are worthy of representing our university in almost 100 countries.

The University maintains creative relations and cooperates with medical faculties of universities in 19 foreign countries (including the USA, Germany, France, England, Russia, etc.), with close links with clinical departments with 28 foreign pharmaceutical firms. Teachers of the departments are involved in the implementation of 72 international projects.

Our university is rich in tradition. Among them:
– deep respect for the student’s personality;
– Democratism of leadership relations at all levels with students;
– high requirements for mastering knowledge;
– strict adherence to the provisions of the statute regarding discipline and behavior in the institution.

The University promotes students’ creative abilities and creates conditions for their comprehensive development. Annually 12-16 exhibitions of student works of amateur artists are held.

In Ukraine, the creative achievements of university folk groups are known – the choir choir “Nadbuzhanka”, the dance ensemble “Druzhba”, the vocal ensemble “Patterns”. Ukrainian humorist Mykola Bilkun, singer – People’s Artist of Ukraine, Professor of Surgery Department # 1 Victoria Petrushenko were brought up within the walls of the University.More than 30 students and staff take part in the literary association at the university library.Our students defend the university’s sporting honor at city, regional, national and international competitions.

Welcome to Vinnytsia National Pirogov Medical University

Professor Vasyl’ Maxymovych Moroz, Rector,
MD, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine,
Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine


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