General Information

The medical work carried out by the staff of clinical departments in the health care system of Vinnytsia is diverse and multifaceted. It includes: consultative work, conducting measures to improve the skills of doctors of practical health care in all areas – conducting TU, PACs, lectures on topical issues, organizing and conducting scientific and practical conferences, medical meetings of doctors of basic institutions, issuing methodological recommendations , expert assessments in the management of patients, etc. The joint work of the Departments and Practical Health Bodies contributes to the improvement of the qualification of primary health care physicians and the improvement of the quality of providing qualified medical care to the population of the region.

The medical work of the employees of the clinical departments is carried out in order to train specialists at the appropriate level, taking into account the modern achievements of medicine, in accordance with the individual plan of work of the employees of the clinical departments .

The purpose of medical work of the employees of the clinical departments of VNMU is organization of theoretical and practical training of those studying at the clinical departments, implementation of best practices in ensuring the health experience of the population, creation of conditions for advanced training and retraining of medical personnel, participation in providing the population in the area of ​​service of the clinical base of diagnostic and medical services at the proper level.

In its activity the medical department is guided by a number of normative documents:

– Law of Ukraine dated 07.07.2011 No. 3611-VI “On Amendments to the Basics of the Legislation of Ukraine on Health Care in Improving the Provision of Medical Care”;

– Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 17.02.2010 No. 208 “Some issues of improving the health care system”;

– Law of Ukraine of October 2, 2012 No. 5403-VI “On emergency medical care”,

– Law of Ukraine of July 7, 2011 No. 3612-VI “On the Procedure of Reforming the Health Care System in Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk Regions and the City of Kiev”,

– Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 05.06.1997 № 174 “On Approval of the Regulations on Clinical Treatment and Prophylactic Health Care Institution”;

– Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 02.10.2015 under No. 650 “On Amendments to the Regulations on the Procedure of Conducting the Attestation of Physicians”.

– Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 507 of December 28, 2002. «On approval of standards of care and quality of care»;

– Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 308/519 of 5 October 2005. “On streamlining the conditions of remuneration of employees of health care institutions and social protection institutions”, registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on October 17, 2005 under No. 1209/11489;

– Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 566 of 23.11.2004. “On approval of the Protocols of rendering medical care in the specialties” orthopedic dentistry “,” therapeutic dentistry “,” surgical dentistry “,” orthodontics “,” pediatric therapeutic dentistry “,” pediatric surgical dentistry “;

– Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 11.09.2013. No. 679 “On the Expenditure During the Budget Period on the Maintenance of Certain Budget Institutions Different Budgets”;

– Law of Ukraine of 17.10.2014 No. 1708-VII “On Approval of the National Targeted Social Program for Combating HIV / AIDS for 2014-2018”.

History of the department

The founder of the medical department   and the first vice-rector for medical work in law can be considered doctor of medical sciences, professor – SHEVERD Mikhail Grigorovich .

Born in 1921. – Doctor-therapist, Doctor of Medical Sciences (1974), Assistant Professor (1974), Professor (1976) Author of numerous scientific papers and innovative proposals.

He chose diagnostics and treatment of internal organs as a field of scientific research.

He graduated from the Romany Medical and Obstetric School in 1940 with honors from Vinnitsa Medical Institute. MI Pirogov in 1957

In 1940 he worked as a head. a midwifery midwifery point in his native village.

Since 1956 he continued his career at Vinnitsa Medical Institute. MI Pirogov as a laboratory assistant. In 1957-1959 he studied in graduate school. From 1959 to 1973 he worked as an assistant of the department of faculty therapy, associate professor of the department of faculty therapy (1973-1975), professor of the department of propedeutical therapy (1975-1977), head. Department of Hospital Therapy №2 (1997-1982), Head. Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 (1982-1988), Head. Department (1988-1991), Professor, Department of Hospital Therapy # 2 (1991-2003), Vinnitsa National Medical University. E. Pirogov.

Participant in the fighting of the Great Patriotic War, Art. Lieutenant Honey. services, awarded the badge “Excellent Health” (1972), orders of the Red Star (1944), World War II (1945), medals for bravery (1943) and many other honors.

From 1984–2003 Vice-rector for medical work of Vinnitsa National Medical University. E. Pirogov Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor – Dmitry KYRICHEINKO, born in 1929 – infectious disease doctor.

In 1974, Dmitry Fedorovich received the State Awards of the USSR. He was an advisor to cholera hospitals (1964–66 and 1976–78) and worked as an adviser to the Minister of Health (1978–79) in Afghanistan. From 1971 he worked as the head of the department, from 2003 – professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases, where he works today. Investigates nerve changes. systems in the womb. typhi, Botkin’s disease, influenza and their clinical significance. (1974),

From 2001 to 2008 Vice-rector for medical work – BIKTIMIYROV Viktor  (1953 – 2008) – pathologist.

Much attention is paid to Professor V.V. Biktimirov devoted to medical work. During the whole period of his stay, the Head of the Department carried out consultative work and worked as a pathologist at the Regional Bureau of Forensic Expertise. From his point of view, both pathologists and clinicians were considered to be a pathologic process. In 2001, Victor was appointed Rector of Scientific and Pedagogical (Medical) Work of Vinnitsa State Medical University named after MI. Pirogov.

On the post of Vice-rector for medical work V.V. Biktimirov made a lot of efforts to improve the medical and diagnostic work of the teachers of the departments of the University, to improve the organization of health care in the region and beyond.

Conducted scientific research on the history of medicine, studied the effect of pesticides and drugs on the respiratory system, especially the course of salmonellosis in children.

From 2009 to the present time the medical work of Vinnitsa National Medical University. E. Pirogov is headed by the Vice-Rector, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor – V. Pogoriliy, Pediatric Surgeon.

In 1992, in Rostov-on-Don, Vasyl defended his PhD thesis on “Clinic and treatment of hematogenous osteomyelitis in children, depending on blood antigens and environmental factors.” In 2001 in Moscow, Pogorely V.V. defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Prediction of varicocele and its surgical correction in children”.

In 2002 he was awarded the academic title of associate professor, and in 2006 professor of the Department of Pediatric Surgery.

Since 2006 he headed the department of pediatric surgery.

Since 2009 – Vice-rector for medical work of Vinnitsa National Medical University. E. Pirogov.  

Holds the title of doctor of the highest qualification category.

He is the author of 148 printed works, 29 inventions, 50 rationalization proposals and 3 scientific and methodological manuals.

In 1997 he was awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Under the guidance of Professor V.V. Pogorelo completed 3 PhD and 2 PhD theses.

Tasks of the medical department

  • Conducting theoretical and practical training in professional disciplines, developing practical skills and developing clinical thinking in students;
  • Ensuring the improvement of training programs and compliance of the educational process with the protocols of providing medical assistance to the population with the aim of reducing the morbidity and mortality, improving the professional level of doctors of the relevant profile.
  • Carrying out of joint activity of the departments of VNMU with medical organizations on rendering of preventive, medical-diagnostic and consultative help and rehabilitation of patients being treated on clinical basis and (or) in other medical establishments;
  • Development and introduction into clinical practice of new methods and technologies of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation;
  • Ensuring the proper level of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients in accordance with the profile of the department and the basic unit of the medical institution.
  • Increasing the level of clinical training of students and interns by enhancing their participation in the clinical work of clinics.
  • Provision of recommendations for maintaining and promoting the health of students and staff of the University through preventive medical examination.
  • Implementation of measures to improve the results of vaccinations to students (revaccination against diphtheria and tetanus, viral hepatitis B).
  • Implementation of a set of measures to improve the logistics of the University’s clinical structural units.
  • Continuous coverage of the achievements of the specialists of the departments of the University in the treatment of patients and the promotion of the results of their activities through the speeches of the staff of the clinical departments in the media.

Activities of the medical department

Medical work at the university is carried out in 41 clinical departments. The Departments are located in 56 health care establishments of regional and city subordination. In addition, the clinical bases of the University are the Air Force Medical Center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Khmilnyk Clinical Sanatorium. Since 2008. The Ukrainian State Research Institute of Disabled Rehabilitation is a part of the University as an educational-scientific-medical complex of Vinnitsa National Medical University named after MI. Pirogov. The total bed fund of clinical bases is 10432 beds. The total capacity of the polyclinic facilities is 6560 visits per day. Contingent of service – residents of cities and rural areas (Vinnytsia and Khmelnitsky regions), as well as victims of the Chernobyl accident and disabled people.

556 scientific and pedagogical staff provide the educational process on clinical bases.

Among the teaching staff, 34 professors and associate professors are members of the expert groups of the Department of Health and Resorts of Vinnitsa and Khmelnitsky Regional State Administration.

Leading university clinicians are members of the DOS Certification Committees of Vinnitsa and Khmelnitsky Regional State Administration.

Clinical departments staff for 2017 and 21345 patients were consulted, 31725 surgical interventions were performed, 1517 catastrophe visits were made.

On the bases of the departments of surgical profile the most complex surgical interventions are performed on the organs of the hepatopancreatoduodenal zone, small and large intestines, hernioplasty, abdominal hernias, pelvic organs, including urgent ones.

Laparoscopic gernioplasty and endoscopic help with infertility are actively developing. Employees of clinical departments within the framework of emergency medicine help the population of the area on obstetrics-gynecological, general and vascular surgical care, thoracic surgery, proctology, work in the Center of acute gastrointestinal bleeding. Methods of minimally invasive interventions under ultrasound control at pathology of a pancreas, a liver, a thyroid and mammary glands and other organs are constantly being improved. It should be noted that the bases of the department are equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment (laparoscopic installation, gastroduodenoscope with lateral optics, colonoscope, ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, astroscope), which allow performing diagnostic and therapeutic measures at a high level,

The Department of Traumatology successfully performs hip and knee joint replacement.

The University has a functioning diagnostic center, the main divisions of which are: clinical diagnostic, biochemical and immunological laboratory, allergy laboratory, gastroenterology, histochemical laboratories, polymerase chain reaction laboratory; ultrasound diagnostic center; center of computed tomography; Center for Spirographic Research; Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Clinical Vertebrology; hepatology center; center of the pancreas; Center for Reproductive Medicine; medical and psychological center. All clinical departments have passports of clinical bases and study rooms, which reflect the main activities of the department, technical and educational equipment, training and methodological support. The area of ​​study rooms per student meets the requirements of sanitary standards.

In 2017, with the participation of the University’s scientists, plans for hospital districts were developed and approved, a stage plan for introducing new type of establishments based on existing central district hospitals, and a plan for prospective development of second-level medical and preventive care facilities.

To improve the interaction between institutions providing medical assistance to residents of primary, secondary and tertiary levels of medical care staff of clinical departments together with the main specialists of the Department of Health, developed routes of patients, introduced new methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients, which gave a tangible positive result. Yes, there is a decrease in infant and perinatal mortality rates.

Training of doctors

The staff of the clinical departments constantly improve their professional level by confirming and improving their skills. In addition, the staff of therapeutic, surgical and pediatric referrals have several related medical categories.

Also, university staff are trained abroad.

Cooperation of the University

The Vice-rector for medical work together with the staff of the clinical departments take an active part in the meetings of the colleges of the city and main health departments at the Vinnytsia regional state administration, meetings of the regional state administration on health issues, selector meetings and colleges of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Educational activities

Employees of clinical departments to promote health and longevity of citizens carry out advocacy work in various spheres of human life. This work is done through lectures, discussions, roundtables and press conferences.

Also, information on prevention of various diseases aimed at raising awareness and competence of the mass media is provided to improve the outreach work among the population of Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia and Khmelnytskyi oblasts. In particular, in the news releases of the local TV channel Health Line.


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