History of the department

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was founded in 1934 at maternity hospital # 1. In 1938 she started working in a new obstetric-gynecological building of a regional hospital. The first head of the department was prof. SI. Topuz. His doctoral dissertation was devoted to the diagnosis of early pregnancy and modification of the Ashheim-Zondeck reaction.

In the different years before the Great Patriotic War the department was headed by: Candidate of Medical Sciences OO Kogan (1938), Associate Professor N.P. Verkhatsky (1938-1940), prof. S.B. Dovecote (since February 1940).

In the first years after the war the department was headed by: Associate Professor Verkhatsky NP, Assoc. Sterenberg RI, prof. Smirnov GN (1947-1950).

The department achieved great success during the head of the department prof. P.A. Vartapetov (1951-1955). Thanks to his work, the department was greatly expanded, and the medical process and research work were brought to a greater level. At that time, four PhD theses were completed and defended (MP Rudyuk, IP Humeniuk, YP Solsky, PG Zhuchenko). During 1955-1956 Assistant Professor S.K. Barutchev, and from 1956 to 1961 headed the department prof. M.K. Wentzkowski. Under his leadership, many new scientific papers were published by the staff of the department, and two collections of scientific papers were published. Associate Professor M.P. Co-authored with Rudyuk in 1959, a manual for physicians and students at the Obstetric Hospital Clinic was published, and in 1964 together with Professor M.K. Wentzkowski Obstetrics and Gynecology – a textbook for medical departments of medical schools. In 1967, together with M.S. Filippovich and A.I. Mikhalchuk has published a manual “Obstetrics” for medical schools.

In 1961, the department was again headed by Associate Professor S.K. Barutchev.

From 1964 to 1990 Professor P.G. Zhuchenko, who until 2010 worked as a professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology # 1. We should emphasize the significant contribution to the training of scientific staff and activation of scientific development of our department for the period 1964-1990. Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia and Ukraine, Academician of UNANP, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor L.V. Tymoshenko (Lviv-Kyiv). Under his direct leadership were the candidates, and later PhDs, professors IA. Sytnik, B.F. Mazorchuk. Prof. M.S. Baksheev (Kiev) – under his leadership the dissertation of the current associate professor of the department AS Ivanova and doctoral dissertation of Professor VI Kuznetsova. At this time, assistants were prepared and successfully defended for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences: Zhukov, GA Ceiling, L.C. Kryzhanivska, A.I. Mikhalchuk, PP Grigorenko.

From 1990 to 2012, the Department was headed by Professor BF Doctor of Medical Sciences. Mazorchuk, who is now a professor of the department, and transferred the management of the department to his student, Doctor of Medical Sciences, GV Chaika.

For decades, the staff of the department has received a great deal of assistance in scientific development from the academician of UNANP, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Ya.P. Solsky. Under his supervision, the Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations of Professor Zhuk SI were performed.

The department’s employees obtained 37 copyright certificates for inventions and patents: P.G. Zhuchenko, BF Mazorchuk, I.A. Sytnik, SI Zhuk, GV Chayka, VG Kayuk, NG Masibrod, NA Godlevskaya, OO Proceptko, AV Poltorak, L.V. Yaremchuk; 24 monographs have been published, including 5 textbooks and manuals; 18 methodological and informational letters; about 800 scientific works. The results of the research were reported at international congresses, congresses and conferences. In 1991, Professor B.F. Mazorchuk received a prize at the 6th European Congress for research on the effects of pesticides on pregnancy, fetal and newborn status.

Research is actively being conducted by the staff of the department.

So from 1990 to 2012 4 doctoral dissertations are defended at the department (SI Zhuk, VVKaminsky, OOProceptko, GV Chaika) and 25 PhD theses. Under the direct supervision of Professor Mazorchuk BF defended two doctoral theses (OI Tsyganenko, GV Chaika) and 12 PhD theses (GV Chaika, APDnistrianskaya, NGMasyrodroda, OOProceptko, NMBilyk , AV Poltorak, Omran Nizar, Abu Hteish Hilal, Yaremchuk LV, Taran OA, Tarasyuk OK, Yavorsky PV). These dissertations are a continuation of the development of topical issues regarding the influence of various environmental factors on pregnancy, the state of the fetus and newborn in different obstetric pathology. 8 candidates are working on PhD theses. During this period, the textbook “Obstetrics” for medical colleges (Zhuchenko PG, Tarasyuk VI), a textbook for masters under the editorship of Academician V.I. Grischenko, co-sponsored by BF Mazorchuk and P.G. Zhuchenko. In addition, 8 monographs, co-authored by B.F., were published. Mazorchuk and 2 of P.G. Zhuchenko. In 2005, a textbook for family physicians “Obstetrics and Gynecology” was published, edited by Professor Mazorchuk BF. and Zhuchenko PG

Today the department employs: 3 Doctors of Sciences, of whom 1 is a professor, 12 are associate professors, 8 are assistants. In recent years, Candidates of Sciences have become Assistants DG Konkov, AL Kostyuk, OK Tarasyuk, LV Yaremchuk, OI Yatsina, the title of Assistant Professor has been given by GV Chaika, V.G. Kayuk, O.Proceptko, S.K.Litvinov, A.P. Dnistryansk, N.A.Godlevskaya, N.G.Mabrodroda, N.G.Burtyak, A.V.Staver, A.A.Taran. Teachers pay a great deal of attention to curative work. Professors and associate professors are consultants at the departmental departments responsible for sanitation.

B.F. Mazorchuk, V.V. Gaistru, A.S. Ivanova – excellent health care, V.V. Gaistru – Honored Doctor of Ukraine, B.F. Mazorchuk was awarded the diploma of the Minister of Health of Ukraine.

Since September 1972 the department is divided into two equivalents – medical and pediatric faculties. Since 1989 – the departments of obstetrics and gynecology № 1 and № 2.

At the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology № 1 the educational process and scientific researches are carried out on 4 clinical bases: maternity hospital №1, regional clinical hospital named after. E. Pirogov, central district hospital, regional oncology clinic.


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