History of the Faculty

In 1921, a pharmaceutical institute was organized in Vinnitsa, which existed until 1934 when it was renamed to a medical institute.

Since 2000, the Pharmaceutical Training Department has been restored at VNMU and the Faculty of Pharmacy has been established. The licensed volume of admission in the year of opening the faculty was 15 students by state order and 85 students – on contract terms in the specialty “pharmacy”.

In 2002, a license for training within the Faculty of Pharmacy of specialists in the specialty “clinical pharmacy” with a licensed volume of 50 people was obtained, including 5 specialists by state order.

Since 2003, an annual enrollment of 350 students for part-time study in the specialty “pharmacy” with a term of study – 4.5 years and 5.5 years.

In 2009, postgraduate training in the specialty Pharmacy was opened.

In 2013, the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, based on the Department of Pharmacy, created specialization courses in the specialty “Provider-organizer”, pre-certification and thematic cycles of professional development of pharmacists in the specialties “General Pharmacy” and “Organization and Management of Pharmacy”.

 The Faculty of Pharmacy is one of the youngest units of the Vinnitsa National Medical University. The faculty is located on the 5 and 6 floors of the new chemical building. Since the organization of the Faculty of Pharmacy it has been headed by Associate Professor Bobruk Vladimir Petrovich. Assistant professor for the correspondence form of studies until June 2014 was Associate Professor Mikhailova Inna. On September 3, 2014, Natalia Didenko, Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, was appointed to this position. Associate Dean for full-time education from 2002 to 2012 was Associate Professor Tatyana Bolokhovska. From 2012 to 2015, Assistant Professor Krivovyaz Elena Viktorovna worked in this position. Since 2015, an associate professor, Ph.D. Duchenko Marina Anatolievna.

The first graduation of the faculty took place in 2005. The State Commission headed by prof. Korytnyuk Raisa Sergiyivna highly praised the quality of training of 52 young specialists – ten of them received diplomas with honors.


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