History of the Faculty

Faculty of Pediatrics Vinnitsa Medical Institute. E. Pirogov was opened in 1961. It consists of 16 departments, three of which are specialized (Department of Pediatrics, as a separate department of the faculty, established in 1964; Department of Pediatric Surgery – formed in 1960; Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases – organized in 1965 (before that infectious diseases for children studied at the Department of Pediatrics)). The main clinical bases were the newly built regional children’s hospital, the regional clinical hospital. MI Pirogov, central district hospital, maternity hospital No. 2 and children’s infectious hospital.

Former deans made significant contributions to the creation and development of the Pediatric Faculty. The first dean of the faculty was Professor Stolarchuk Alexander (from 1963 to 1972), Professor Gomenyuk Ivan Prokopovich (from 1972 to 1984), Professor Moroz Vasily Maksimovich (from 1984 to 1986), Associate Professor Psiuk Stepan Kindratovich (from 1986 to 1997).

In 1994, due to significant changes in the organization of higher medical education and practical health care, the Pediatric and Medical Faculties were reorganized into a single “Faculty of Medicine” with the training of doctors in the specialty: “Medical” and “Pediatrics”. .

From 1967 to 1997, 31 issues were completed and more than 4,300 pediatricians were trained.

In 1996, the recruitment of a specialty in pediatrics was restored. Due to the increase in the volume of training of pediatric students in 2001, there was a need for the formation of the “Faculty of Medicine №2”. In addition to specialized departments (Department of Pediatric Diseases and Care for Sick Children, Department of Pediatrics # 1, Department of Pediatrics # 2, Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Department of Pediatric Surgery), Departments of Internal Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine # 2 and Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine, Department 2 training of pediatricians. Associate Professor Oleg Vladenko Vlasenko was appointed dean of the Medical Faculty # 2, and Vladimir Semenovich Shkolnikov Assistant Dean. In 2003, in connection with the beginning of training in the specialty “medical psychology”, the Assistant Professor was appointed Assistant Professor Serebrennikov Oksana Anatolievna. In the same year, another specialized department was formed – the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychiatry.

In 2005, due to the temporary suspension of recruitment in the specialties of “pediatrics” and “medical psychology”, our faculty accepted a part of medical students. Since 2006 the recruitment in the specialties “pediatrics” and “medical psychology” has been restored.

Since 2016 Professor Vladimir Shkolnikov has been selected as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine # 2,


Deputy Professor

Dmitrenko Svetlana Vladimirovna


Since 2016, the training of doctors at the faculty is carried out in three specialties: “medicine”, “pediatrics” and “medical psychology”.

Between 2002 and 2018, there were 16 graduates of pediatricians and 10 issues of medical psychologists, a total of more than 2000 graduates.

Particular successes in the scientific and pedagogical field have been achieved by graduates who are now doctors of science, professors – Pogorely VV. (Vice-rector for medical work of VNMU since 2009), Fomin L. (Head of the VNMU Training Department since 2007), B. Pukhlyk. (Head of the Department of Phthisiology and Immunology from 1991 to 2014), Sergeta IV (Vice-rector for scientific work from 2006 to 2009, Head of the Department of General Hygiene and Ecology since 1993), Disagreement II. (Head of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases since 2006), Yablon OS (Head of the Department of Pediatrics №1 since 2010), Dudnik VM (Head of the Department of Pediatrics №2 since 2007), Yoltukhivskyy MV (Head of the Department of Normal Physiology since 2015), Konoplitsky VS (Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery since 2016).

Among the graduates of the faculty are known practitioners, educators and organizers of health care – Tolstanov OK, Rykov SO, Fomin OO, Babiy TF, Antonets TI, Dovgopolyuk NV, Shatilo V.Yu., Andriyevsky I.Yu., Khomyk E.V., Marchenko V.F., Dragaliuk Y.A., Kovalska A.A., Pravdivets M.M., Slobodianuk M.I., Malomuzh Y. .P., Slichnyi OI, Chepizhnyi YA and many other wonderful doctors.


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