History Of University

National Pirogov Memorial Medical University . MI Pirogov was founded in 1921 as Vinnitsa Pharmaceutical Institute. In 1930, the Pharmaceutical Institute was reorganized into the Vinnytsia Branch of the All-Ukrainian Institute of Correspondence Medical Education. In 1932 the form of study was changed – Vinnitsa Evening Industrial Medical Institute. Vinnytsia Medical Institute was established on its basis in 1934 by the order of the People’s Commissar of Health of the USSR. In 1960 the name of MI Pirogov was given. (Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 1514 of September 8, 1960). In 1984, for the high achievements and contribution to the development of higher medical education, the staff of the Institute was awarded the Order of Honor (Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of September 11, 1984). Cabinet resolution №408 of 15.06. In 1994, Vinnitsa State Medical Institute was granted university status. And in 2002, by the Decree of the President of Ukraine, the University was granted the status of National University with the change of its name to Vinnitsa National Medical University. MI Pirogov.
Main stages of development of the university:
1961. – opening of the pediatric faculty;
1961 – the beginning of preparation of foreign citizens at the main faculties;
1963 – the beginning of the newspaper “Young Medic”;
1979 – creation of preparatory faculty for training of 230 foreign citizens;
1979 – opening of the Faculty of Physicians Improvement and establishment of its branch on the basis of medical-preventive establishments in Khmelnitsky;
1984 – For the successes in training and education of doctors, training of teaching staff and achievements in work on solving the problems of health care in Ukraine, the educational institution was awarded the Order of Honor;
1990 – creation of a research center and its equipping with the most modern computer equipment for its interdepartmental use; organization on the basis of laboratories of the Center of educational and scientific complexes (morphological, physiological, biochemical);
1991 – Foundation of the first among the universities of Ukraine Center for New Information Technologies. The Center coordinates the development and implementation of new technologies in all areas of activity of the institution; the beginning of widespread introduction of computerization into the educational process;
1992 – Reorganization of the Faculty of Medicine, creation on its basis of the Medical Faculty with the preparation of students in the specialties “medical business” and “pediatrics”;
1993 – agreement on cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Münster (Germany) was signed;
1994 – VDMI was recognized and accredited by IV level of accreditation, as a university, with some autonomy;
1994 – obtaining a license to publish the journals “Morphology Bulletin” and “Bulletin of Vinnytsia State Medical University”, inclusion in the list of editions recommended by the HAC of Ukraine;
1994 – opening of the dental faculty;
1994 – organization on the basis of the university, together with the morphologists of Russia, Belarus, Germany of the International Academy of Integrative Anthropology;
1995 – conclusion of a cooperation agreement with the University of Limoges (France);
1996 – the first visit of President of Ukraine L.D. Kuchma to the University, meeting with members of the staff and students, getting acquainted with the organization of training of doctors;
1998 – opening of the Faculty of Perfection Education Department of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education with a branch in Khmelnitsky;
1998 – the opening of the specialized scientific council D 05.600.01 with the right to hold the defense of the dissertations for the degree of doctor (candidate) of science in the specialties: 14.01.01 – obstetrics and gynecology; 01/14/03 – Surgery; 01/14/09 – Pediatric Surgery;
2000 – signing a cooperation agreement with Vanderbald and Birmingham Universities (USA);
2000 – opening of the Faculty of Pharmacy;
2001 – reorganization of medical faculty, creation of medical faculties # 1 and 2 on its basis; creation of a course of “clinical pharmacy”;
2002 – the second visit to the University of the President of Ukraine L.D. Kuchma, meeting with the staff of the university and signing the decree on granting the status of National University with its name change to Vinnitsa National Medical University. MI Pirogov;
2002 – the opening of the specialized scientific council D 05.600.02 with the right to hold the defense of the dissertations for the degree of doctor (candidate) of science in the specialties: 14.03.01 – normal anatomy; 03/14/03 – Normal Physiology;
2003 – opening of new specialties – “clinical pharmacy” and “medical psychology”;
2003 – major works on the reconstruction of student dormitories to create hotel-type rooms;
2003 – rewarding of the University staff with the Certificate of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
2004 – completion of construction of a new educational building, organization of work in its departments and research center;
2004 – obtaining a license for the publication of the journal “Biomedical and biosocial anthropology”, inclusion in the list of editions recommended by the HAC of Ukraine;
2005 – completion of certification of 7 scientific laboratories, further widespread implementation of marketing and management requirements in ensuring the effective activity of all departments of the University;
2006 – creation of medical-psychological clinic;
2006-2007 – significant deepening of integration and international relations in scientific cooperation, carrying out effective measures to attract foreign nationals of leading countries of the Arab world (Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia);
2007 – accreditation of the specialty “clinical pharmacy”;
2008 – joining the Institute for Disability Rehabilitation as a university educational and scientific-medical complex;
2009 – accreditation of training in the magistracy in the specialty “dentistry”;
2009 – licensing and increasing the volume of postgraduate education;
2010 – To the 200th anniversary of MI Pirogov was held the 5th International Congress of “Pirogov Readings”, within which held the XXII Congress of Surgeons of Ukraine, the 5th Congress of AGET of Ukraine, in the work of the forum for 5 days 2173 delegates from 28 countries participated.

Since the acquisition of the university status of the university, the dental and pharmaceutical faculties were equipped and equipped with modern teaching staff, 10 new departments were opened at the medical, pharmaceutical, dental and postgraduate faculties.
According to many indicators of activity in the ratings of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the university has been in the leading position for many years.
The educational institution implements the developed concept of development according to which its infrastructure, organization of educational process, personnel potential, level of training of specialists, scientific and medical-diagnostic work, material base and international relations meet industry standards of higher education and requirements of the Regulations on national institution. By the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the university was recognized as basic for the development and implementation of a credit-module form of organization of the educational process on the basis of the provisions of the Bologna Declaration. In this regard, the necessary educational and methodological support has been worked out and the first year courses of medical faculties # 1 and # 2 are conducted.
During the past 4-5 years, the experience of the University was met twice by the President of Ukraine, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Ministers of Education and Health, the President of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Commission on Health.
Forms of preparation – full-time and correspondence.
There are 6 faculties: two medical (№ 1 and № 2) – training in the specialties medical, pediatrics, medical psychology; dental – specialty dentistry; pharmaceutical – specialties pharmacy and clinical pharmacy; The Faculty of Postgraduate Education provides various forms of postgraduate training of doctors in 33 specialties.
Pharmaceutical faculty organized extramural preparation of pharmacists.
The University also provides licensed preparation for admission to higher education institutions of citizens of Ukraine (self-financing preparatory courses – 500 persons per year); preparation of foreign nationals for admission to higher education institutions (at the preparatory faculty for foreign nationals – 500 persons per year); training in clinical residency – 1500 people per year; in internship – 2000 persons per year.
The volume of full-time training of specialists and masters in licensed specialties of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is determined in the amount of 1740 persons; correspondence training in the specialty pharmacy licensed in the amount of 350 people. In total, more than 11,000 people provide various forms of university training each year.
Contingent of students (including foreign nationals): students – 6560 (among them – 1030 correspondence forms), interns – 2149 (during 2012), undergraduates – 63, graduate students – 110, doctoral students – 1, clinical interns – 103, cadets of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education – 2568 (during 2012). In 2012, the total number of students enrolled in the calendar year was 11,672.
Since 1961, the University has provided training for foreign nationals. More than 5,500 foreigners from 98 countries have completed various training courses. As of 01/01/13, 1334 foreign nationals provide various forms of training at the University.
As of January 1, 2013, there were 1,646 employees at the University.
The teaching staff consists of – 812 persons, incl. of doctors of sciences – 120, candidates of sciences – 554, professors – 75, associate professors – 283, teachers without a scientific degree – 138.
Preparation of students, postgraduate study of doctors is organized in 55 departments, of which 49 departments are headed by doctors of sciences, professors. At 50 departments there is a staff reserve for a position of the head of department.
The Rectorate carries out purposeful work on preparation of the personnel reserve from among the best graduates who have proven themselves capable of scientific work during their student years and have completed training in magistracy, postgraduate study. Each year, 4-6 doctoral and 30-35 doctoral theses are defended by teachers. In 2012, 11 doctoral and 113 PhD theses were defended.
Subdivisions of the University:

  • 6 faculties with 55 departments in their composition (39 departments of clinical profile, 16 – theoretical ones), self-financing preparatory courses;
  • Center for new information technologies (computer classes, television studio, printing house, computer printing department, Internet site);
  • a research center consisting of 7 research laboratories and an experimental clinic (vivarium);
  • units that ensure the functioning of university buildings, normal working conditions of university staff, students’ living in dormitories, etc .;
  • library, 6 licensed laboratories.

The material and technical base of the university is constantly being improved and modernized at its own expense on the basis of the accepted concept of development of VNMU. The University has a sufficient number of classrooms, laboratories, training and administrative space. The laboratories of the departments, the departments of the research center, the departments of the Center for new information technologies, the lecture rooms, have modern equipment. Specialized centers of hospitals, where clinical departments are located, use in their work computer laboratory-diagnostic equipment of famous manufacturers.
The total area of ​​the educational and laboratory buildings (one of them is morphological) is 80896,5 square meters. (Vivarium), a library, a new educational building (with a library and a book depository for 500 thousand copies, a palace of culture for 700 places) is being built. In the new training building, the first stage was built, which houses 4 departments of medical and pharmaceutical faculties, 2 lecture rooms of 250 seats, dedicated rooms for various departments of the SIC, scientific and administrative units of the university. The second phase of the new educational building – the library, is under construction. The premises of the National Museum-Estate of MI Pirogov are also the educational base. The total auditorium for the university used in the educational process is 41426 sq.m. The study area for one full-time student at the university meets the criteria and requirements for accreditation of training of specialists of the level “Specialist” and “Master”. The total area of ​​the clinical bases involved in the educational process is 72939 sq.m.
The lectures are delivered in 9 classrooms of the university and 12 classrooms, clinical bases. The lecture rooms and the auditorium are equipped with modern multimedia systems. The total area of ​​all lecture rooms is 4944.9 square meters. Lecture classrooms are designed for 3327 seats.
An integral part of the University Research Center is the Vivarium Experimental Clinic. Its area is 993 square meters, the room is equipped with everything necessary for keeping and breeding laboratory animals; The equipment of the clinic allows to carry out scientific and educational-methodical work on medical-biological disciplines at a high level.
The computer park of the University – 780 PCs, of which 680 are used in the scientific process and training of specialists, in the management of the University – 100. There are 32 computer classes. There are 14.2 computers per 100 people performing full-time training, 100% computers connected to the Internet. The number of multimedia projectors is 80,
Implementation of computer technologies in the educational process, scientific researches, functioning of local networks. established in 1991 the center of new information technologies in which there are computer classes, television studio, modern printing house, computer printing department, Internet site. The University’s WEB information server operates. Computer animation is used.
The specified equipment is used in the work of morphological, physiological, biochemical, educational and scientific complexes. With the participation of the material base of the research center of the university, the laboratory and departments of the sanatorium “Khmilnyk” and the center “Health” of the Air Force of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, hospitals on the basis of clinical departments, 39 scientific-educational-treatment-and-prophylactic complexes were created for introduction into the educational process and medical practice of modern methods and standards of treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of seriously ill patients.
Every year, the University attracts more than 60% of the extra-budgetary funds for overhaul, construction, purchase of educational, scientific and medical-diagnostic equipment, educational literature and periodical medical and biological publications.
The university has established a comprehensive use of expensive computer laboratory diagnostic equipment, which is equipped with the units of the research center (spiral computer tomograph, installations for endoscopic surgery, ultrasound examination devices, flow cytofluorimeter, light microscopes “Leica” ”With demonstration nozzle, microscope PEM-100M, ultramicrot UMPT-4; modern liquid chromatographs, infrared spectrophotometer SRESORD 2b / R immunoassay analyzer STAT FAH 303 / PLUS, apparatus You ultrasound diagnostics “Ultramark 9”, “Toshiba, SSA-220A”, a complex analysis of lung function “Medgraphics” blood analyzer “Autoluzez AL820” computer system for ECG analysis, reovazohram, FEKH, pulsometry et al.).
Clinical departments, which organize training in the fields of medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, are located on the bases of specialized departments and centers of 24 medical and preventive establishments of regional, city and other subordination in the cities of Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky and Zhytomyr. The total fund of hospital beds on the bases of departments – 7736. About 90% of the bed fund of clinical bases is used in educational and medical-diagnostic processes. Departments of city and regional hospitals, dispensaries, specialized centers, on the bases of which are located clinical departments, equipped with modern laboratory and medical equipment, diagnostic and diagnostic equipment. Capacity of clinics of clinical bases in Vinnitsa 3089 visits, in Khmelnitsky -1725, in Zhitomir – 2100.
There are two wellness and sports facilities for 200 people, the total area of ​​their premises is 1172 sq.m. (on the Black Sea and the Southern Bug River), a health resort for 50 places, health center, shooting, skiing base, weightlifting and gymnasium, stadium and sports grounds; five university dormitories with a design capacity of 3,161 beds and one hostel for postgraduate physicians; 4 canteens and 5 buffets, student cafes that meet the requirements of catering establishments.
A library with a book fund of more than 560 thousand publications with three branches, reading rooms for 500 reading places, necessary catalogs (including electronic ones) fully provides information and methodological support for the educational process and research work. Teachers of departments carry out active participation in the organization of educational and methodological provision of training of doctors. In 2012, they published: 15 textbooks, 53 textbooks, 60 methodological developments and recommendations for students.

Priority directions of scientific activity of the University, which are closely connected with the main directions of development of medical science and health care and are defined by the President and the Government of Ukraine as priority:

  • state program of development of rehabilitation of the disabled;
  • protection of motherhood and childhood;
  • prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation of chronic diseases of different population groups;
  • creation, experimental research and implementation into practice of new medicines, devices, devices.

Particular attention is paid to the implementation of basic scientific research, namely:

  • the study of anthropological, genetic, physiological and psychological characteristics of the body of people of all ages (from neonatal to elderly) in order to identify markers of multifactorial diseases;
  • determination of patterns of morphogenesis and pathomorphosis of diseases of different origin in order to develop and improve technologies of secondary prevention;
  • development of modern therapeutic and preventive technologies.

In addition to departmental teams in the implementation of these areas of research actively participate:

  • a research center with a laboratory for functional morphology and developmental genetics and a research-experimental clinic;
  • the center of new information technologies;
  • laboratory of experimental neurophysiology;
  • experimental pharmacological laboratory;
  • clinical and diagnostic allergy laboratory;
  • clinical and diagnostic gastroenterology laboratory;
  • bacteriological laboratory;
  • laboratory of experimental cardiology.

These scientific laboratories have been accredited and obtained the relevant certificates.

The University has 12 scientific schools, including scientific schools of physiologists, anatomists, functional morphology and anthropogenetics, pharmacologists, microbiologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, pediatric surgeons, as well as scientific therapeutic school, scientific school of experimental surgery of abdominal organs; scientific school of social medicine, scientific hygienic school, scientific school of clinical epidemiology of nervous system diseases, etc.
The planned tasks for the research work of the departments and scientific units are completely fulfilled. In particular, in 2012, 176 scientific works were carried out, 13 scientific researches were completed.
171 research work is carried out at the initiative of the university, 75 clinical trials of new medicines are being carried out.
In 2005 the staff of the University published:
– 10 monographs; textbooks – 15; manuals – 53; methodological recommendations, directories, guidelines for practical health care – 159; methodological recommendations, development, instructions for students – 60; information letters – 17; collections of materials of conferences – 14.
Published scientific articles – 1156, abstracts – 793, incl. abroad – 73.
Based VNMU held scientific and practical conferences – 54.
The university issued 3 professional periodicals included in the list of SAC MESYS Ukraine, namely magazines: Bulletin of Vinnitsa National Medical University, Journal of Morphology, Viomedisal BV Viosocial Anthropology.
The multi-circulation university newspaper “Young Medic” is published and the necessary educational and methodical materials are provided for the educational process.
In 2013, the staff of the clinical departments treated -17500 patients; 9658 surgical interventions were performed; 187665 patients were consulted; about 250 new therapeutic and diagnostic methods have been implemented; completed more than 800 departures for sanitation; made speeches at scientific and practical conferences – 425; made speeches at the meetings of scientific societies – 213. The
heads of clinical departments head the specialized regional scientific medical societies of Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky region, and actively work in the composition of medical expert commissions.
The University staff cooperates with educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies of 13 foreign countries from 9 international and 13 state programs. The University continues to cooperate under concluded agreements with foreign educational institutions (Birmingham University – USA, Vanderbill University – USA, Franklin Pierce College, New Hampshire – USA, Limoges University – France, Belgorod University – Moscow-, Russian- Petersburg State Medical University – Russia, Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy – Russia and others). International scientific cooperation with the departments and laboratories of the medical faculties of the Universities of Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Armenia, Austria, Great Britain has also been established.
The following measures have been implemented in the institution of social protection of employees and students:

  • timely and regular payment of wages and scholarships;
  • wage allowances are established and paid with the university becoming national;
  • full use and privileges of 50 places in the sanatorium-preventive health center and 200 places in the health and sports facilities of the University for the rehabilitation, rest and treatment of the team members;
  • free meals for orphan students;
  • an allowance for the complexity and intensity of work is paid;
  • In accordance with the Law of Ukraine of September 9, 2004 No. 1994-GU, an inventory and accrual of payments for years of service and assistance for rehabilitation during the annual leave for the period from 01.01.1997 to 01.09.2002;
  • the award to the employees of the university on the results of the financial year;
  • seriously ill staff and students are assisted in the organization of treatment and purchase of medicines;
  • at the expense of the special budget fund the cost of accommodation of students in dormitories and treatment in a university stomatkabinet was subsidized;
  • free printing in the university printing of abstracts, PhD theses for postgraduate students and use of the Internet.

Since 1988, the University has been headed by Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor VM Moroz. Since 1992, the Association of Medical Workers of Ukraine has been headed by VM Moroz. In 2003 Professor VM Moroz was awarded the title Hero of Ukraine.


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