Research activities

Employees of the department, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates surveyed  reproductive potential problems and search for preserving health ‘ I women in its various aspects.

Methods for improving the reproductive potential of women are sought by reducing the level of perinatal losses, optimizing approaches to the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and treatment of pregnancy pathology, improving the results of operative organ-preserving treatment of women of reproductive age in the presence of uterine fibroids, and improving the period.

For the first time, the method of chemical hydrodissection of uterine tissues during conservative myomectomy has been substantiated and put into practice.

The results of scientific research were reported at international congresses of all-Ukrainian and university conferences, published in journals accredited by the HAC of Ukraine and other publications.

Students of 4-6 courses, doctors-interns joined the research work of the department. Collaborative works have been published both in the materials of the student conference and in the theses of the conference of young scientists.

The research results by patents implemented in practice health ` I.

The research work of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology # 1 is “ Research on Reproductive Potential and Problem Solving of Women’s Health”, which was approved in January 2012.

Doctor’s dissertation of the associate professor  Konkov DG on the theme: ” Pathogenesis and prevention of perinatal losses caused by endothelial dysfunction”

At present, the Department carries out doctoral theses on which they work:

    Associate Professor Taran OA

    Associate Professor Kostyuk AL

Candidate and  dissertation are performed :

1. Postgraduate student Korobchinska NV ” The role of inflammatory diseases in the development of anemia in pregnant women ” Scientific adviser Professor Mazorchuk BF  

2.  PhD student Oiebangji Samuel “Laparoscopy technique in women with malignant disease” supervisor Proceptko OO    

3 . graduate student Kucherenko OM “Prediction of pubertal bleeding in adolescent girls of different morphotypes” Scientific adviser Chaika GV      

The department trains and conducts scientific work of  4  clinical interns ,   3  graduate students.


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